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P is for Pirate

We had P week this week and had lots of fun with Pirates and searching for treasure.  We also did a lot of Pirate activities from 2 Teaching Mommies too!

We found the treasure and dressed up.

We went to see one of our favorite books come to life, How I Became A Pirate at the Derby Dinner Playhouse.  We could not take pictures at the play, but we got one by the poster!  Thanks to a great friend, Donna Lyerly for sending us this book!  It has been a wonderful treasure!

How I became a pirate [Book]

The acting and music were great.  My boy absolutely loved it!



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Winter “School” Days

Winter Fun

I have been lacking in my posts due to the holidays and such.  But this is what we have been up to the past couple of months with school.  We have been working on our letters and have really enjoyed a new site with great lesson plans called www.abcjesuslovesme.com.

Kinley has been starting some Tot School activities and doing some busy work:).  Here is one of her favorites.  Pushing pom pom balls through circles in a tupperware bowl or putting them on her head. 

Here is one we found on Pinterest: Pipe cleaners in a colander.

Eli has been working on his letters and numbers.  We have also been doing some fun winter crafts and art.

We had a caterpillar theme one week and here are some fun crafts he did.

Fingerprint Caterpillars


Toliet Paper Roll Caterpillar

 Thanks to my parents for keeping this wonderful Bed Bugs game all these years.  It helps us work on fine motor skills and colors.  Eli loves it!

Bed Bugs

We played in the flour (snow) and made letters and shapes.   We also did a little face painting.

Flour on your Face

He had fun making these simple marshmallow toothpick sculptures.

We have really starting working on using scissors and cutting too. I forget that it is the little things that I have to teach him too. I love when they stick out their tongue our open their mouth. It shows how hard they are working to use the sisscors.

I have been working with Eli on good behavior and earning smiles on his Melissa and Doug Responsibility chart. This week we went to the dollar store, and I gave him a dollar to choose whatever he wanted.  He chose glitter glue to make some fun pictures.

Glitter Glue Creation

I was washing the dishes one day and realized there was silence.  I ran to find the kids sitting in our room doing this:

Brother & Sister

These are the moments I treasure and I know they will too!:)

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This year we are doing Truth in Tinsel it is a great 25 day Bible an ornament advent with a special activity each day. We are doing the  Book Advent theme with some new books this year too.

I also got some great advent ideas from some of my favorite blogs like A Year With Mom and Dad and Passionate Homemaking.  I have been finding a lot of great ideas on Pinterest too! 

We are doing some free Christmas Printables from 1+1+1=1,and  Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Light Bulb Letter Match

I printed up a Holiday Bucket List from here.

Every night we will be doing our Chocolate Advent and Star Advent from My Hubbard’s Cupboard.

Star Advent

Day 1:

We made our candle ornament, wrote Santa a letter, and sang carols by the Christmas Tree.

Santa Letter

Day 2:

We made our crown ornament and some Christmas cards with fingerprints.  We visited our new favorite cupcake shop Jamie’s 14K Cupcakes and got a holiday treat:).


Christmas Lights Card

Day 3: We made our Zechariah ornament, went to see some trains, and watched a Christmas Movie. Santa Buddies was a big hit.

And a cute pic of brother and sister.

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Camping Out

Next on my to read list is: Last Child in the Woods.

My husband has enjoyed it so much, that it inspired him to camp out with our son in the backyard.

They set up the tent, grabbed a good book (Bear Snores On By: Karma Wilson), and snuggled in their sleeping bags for a father and son night.  They survived the night and my son had a big smile on his face.  He asked if they could sleep out in the tent again the next night.  Good times!

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Fall Fun

I love FALL and everything that comes with it.  We have been celebrating Fall this past month with some fun crafts, recipes, outings, etc.  I thought I would share some with you.  We have gotten a lot of ideas from pinterest.  Follow Me!

Here our some of our Fall Crafts.  We made thumbprint apples, q-tip painted trees (my favorite), tissue paper stained glass leaves, painted a pumpkin, and made a crushed leaves mosiac.

Apple Thumb Prints


Q-tip Painted Fall Trees


Fall Tree

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Leaf

Painted Pumpkin

Crushed Leaf Collage

We live close to some wonderful parks, so we took our pumpkin buckets and collected leaves and acorns, we went on a fall scavenger hunt, had a family fall picnic, played in the leaves, made leaf angels, and much more. 

Making A Leaf Angel





Talking to the Bugs


We made some pumpkin muffins, and I found the recipe at Smitten Kitchen.   We made some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies too! The house smelled so good!

Making Muffins

More Fall fun to come!

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Bear Snores On

Bear Snores On Activities

I have not been very organized lately, and we are having some big changes happening.  Tot School has been lacking, but we did manage to go to the zoo, and the circus.   He loved the tigers and the animals the best at the circus.  We were impressed with a lot of the stunts especially the dirt bikes in a sphere.

Zoo days

Riding the Elephant

Circus Elephants

We did some fun activities based on one of our favorite books:  The Bear Snores On by: Karma Wilson.

We got a lot of ideas from her wonderful site which has resources for teachers http://www.karmawilson.com/teachers.htm#bear

We did the imaginary potluck, and he picked out all the foods he wanted for his potluck.


Bear Eats Potluck

He colored a bear mask and pretended to be a bear.


He built a bear cave.  I have been very impressed with his tower building lately.  We love our Melissa and Doug Cardboard blocks!

Bear Car Cave

Oh, and I finally dressed up little sis for some pics.  The poor girl has been living in her PJs!  I guess I would not mind living in my PJs!

Dress Up

Potty Training fun is coming up in the next couple of weeks.  We are ready to wear big boy underwear and have a potty party!

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We had the perfect start for our winter themed week and month, SNOW!!  Dad was able to stay home, and we played in the snow and did lots of fun activities.

The Letters of the week were H and I.  Our words for the week were House, Instruments, Ice, Helicopter, Hammer, Hat, and Head.  He built a house, colored, and played all different kinds of instruments.  He built a house with his blocks that make sounds like maracas.  The EZ blocks.

Winter was our theme so on Monday we painted the snow, built towers in the snow and knocked them down, and threw snowballs. 

Snow Tower


Snow Painting

We played our instruments to music and danced.

He worked with his lacing blocks.

We made edible snowballs too, and they were so good!

He colored his H and I pages.

Our books were Froggy Gets Dressed and The Jacket I Wear in the Snow.

We did lots of matching activities this week.

We played a mitten match game, and he dressed in his winter clothes like Froggy.

Dad had some snow days and built a helicopter with Eli on their Melissa and Doug workbench, that I won from a blog giveaway.  This workbench is awesome!


We made snow and painted with snow (1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup flour, and 1/2 cup salt).

Making snow paint

Painting with snow

We colored a winter picture with white crayon and black paper.

Winter Mountains

He hammered on his workbench too.

Hammer Time

 We also read All You Need For A Snowman

31 mos.

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