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Thirty One Online Party


I have become a Thirty One Independent Consultant and am hosting my first online party Feb. 22nd at 7:30pm!  Whoot, Whoot!  If you have facebook you can link up here to see some fun uses for the products and if you do not have facebook you can stick around here for some pics and the links to my webpage www.thirtyonegifts.com/kimpollock.

3 of my favorite things:  Zip top organizing tote (on special this month), large utility bag, and Retro Metro bag.

So get in your PJs or comfy clothes, grab your favorite treat (chocolate and coffee or tea), and come browse around for some great products and take advantage of this awesome deal!  Spend $35 and get the Zip Top organizing utility tote for $10!  This is my favorite bag and can be used for so much!

Some great uses for it are:



To place an order go to http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/kimpollock


 To redeem this offer, enter $35 or more in retail, then add a Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote with an “S” at the end (4451S). Valid for orders submitted Feb. 1-28, 2014, only. Hostess Exclusives and half-price items not included. Personalization available for $5.

Some of my other favorite products and uses:


Keep it all caddy in Birdie pattern

Keep it all caddy in Birdie pattern





Organized Office with Thirty One!

Organized Office with Thirty One!


Organized pantry with Thirty One

Organized pantry with Thirty One

Nursery Organized!

Nursery Organized!


Love their new Spring products

Love their new Spring products


Every-day wristlet

Every-day wristlet

Mini Utility Bins as Easter Baskets

Mini Utility Bins as Easter Baskets

Thirty One has so many great and useful products for the gym, baby, pool/beach, travel, and the list goes on!  Let me know if you want to book a party so you can earn free products and hostess specials!


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We love to read and our kids love to read, so we wanted to create a kid space just for them.  A reading nook. 

We pinned some ideas from pinterest and it ended like this:

The Reading Nook

The Reading Nook

May 2013 3 005

1.  We turned the old crib into a reading couch and covered the crib mattress with some extra fabric we had from our chairs.  Placed some random pillows on the back of the crib.  A few we had and a few we found on sale at Target!

2.  Got a comfy rug from Target to put on the floor, added pillows and stuffed animals.  

3.  Hung a pallet bookshelf on the wall that we purchased from a talented friend. Thanks, Ty Thorne, love it! 

4.  Put dust jackets of our favorite books in dollar store picture frames and added all of the kids favorite books to the bookshelves. 

5.  Painted some wood letters from the craft store to spell READ and hung them on the wall. 

6.  Also, put a few pics of the kids reading in frames on the bookshelf. 

Maybe this will be Pinterest worthy one day?

Here is where I found inspiration from Pinterest.

We have enjoyed this space a lot.  Hoping it inspires me to start reading again.

Reading time

Reading time



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Okay, it has been awhile, but I will blame it on the move to the new house and settling in to a new city.  Here is a fun, frugal thing you CAN do!  Of course, I cheered on my husband and watched the kids while he labored, but it is something anyone can do.  You just need about a week to do it right and let everything dry.  So much cheaper than paying someone and what a great feeling of accomplishment!

My husband has become a handy man.  Paying for someone to do the wood floors was too expensive.  So hubby watched some you tube videos, pulled up the carpet, sanded, stained, and added polyurethane.  The result: beautiful hardwood floors!  Oh yeah, and he painted the wall a neutral color to replace the turquoise too.

So here is the before:

Floors before

Floors before

Here is the in between:

Working Hard!

Working Hard!

And here is the after:



If he can do it, you can too!  Rented a sander, picked a stain, polyurethane and let it sit for about a week to dry!  We love them.  Thanks to my hard-working hubby, who was willing to try it.  Now time to rip up some more carpet and do it again! 

Project 2: Reading Nook!

Also, a big thanks to the folks that helped him sand, rip staples, and cut and nail in quarter round.  Home Depot folks were very helpful in passing on valuable information to get the right tools and gave him some good advice on how and what to do.

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Melissa & Doug want you to tell them which of their educational toys you think is the best! Just click on the image below to place your vote in the North “Poll!” You’ll Get a Melissa & Doug 25% Off Coupon** to use at MelissaAndDoug.com just for voting!

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Here are some sites that have helped me save money on children’s clothes, shoes, toys, gear, etc.  They have some great discounts and specials.  Some offer free credits for joining too!
Click on the link below and receive a $10 credit for your first purchase.
Zuilly offers daily sales at up to 70% off on top-quality apparel, gear and other goodies for moms, babies and kids.  Membership is free.  I’ve become a huge fan of the site and think you will too. Go here to check it out!

The Gilt Groupe is another great place for kid’s deals and more.  They have credits you can earn too.


Mamapedia has some great deals on vouchers buy to certain stores.  You buy a a voucher for $10 to get $20 worth of stuff. Like todays great deal is for $10 for $20 worth of Bibs, Bags, Clothing, and More at Bumkins.com.  We absolutely love our bumkin bibs! Check it out here!

Totsy is another great kid’s sale site that has all sorts of great deals.  Go here to check it out!

The Mini Social is also another great place for cute kids clothes for less.  Go here to take advantage of their deals!

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I have to share with you a wonderful blog and book that has helped me save money for my family.

I have learned so much about cloth diapers from Laura K. Cowan founder of 29Diapers.com, author of Ecofrugal Baby: How To Save 70% Off Baby’s First Year  and all the ways you can save money with it.  Cloth diapering does not have to be hard and there are so many great resources out there to help you do it right.  I really thought I could not do it, but her blog has helped me choose the right cloth diapers, helped me save money on wipes, diapers, and wipe solution with her homemade recipe.  She has information and answers to pretty much any cloth diaper question!

Gone are the days of pins and dunking diapers in the toilet.  Cloth diapers have come a long way!

She has great giveaways on her site, and I even won the Boon Bath Toys giveaway from her blog.

Her book Ecofrugal Baby: How To Save 70% Off Baby’s First Year is filled with lots of helpful tips and ideas.

You can get a 20% discount by putting the term “Book Ambassador” in the “Requested Autograph” field when buying the book through 29Diapers.com.

Check out her blog, book, and enter some of her great giveaways!

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I have been researching cloth diapering a lot these days with baby number two coming.  I am trying to figure out where to cut cost and think this would really help if I could do it.  I even attended a twitter party to learn more about it and had no clue what I was doing.  It went way to fast for me.  I guess twitter parties are not my thing:).

My fears are that I will not be able to keep up with the laundry.

That I will mess it up somehow.

Dumping poop in the toilet.

Building up the collection, so I have enough.

But those are all stupid fears, and I know there are so many more advantages to cloth diapers for health reasons, money, environment, etc.   I have learned so many bad things about disposable diapers.  I am really trying my best to nourish my family in a safe and healthy environment.  I am not perfect and am learning and trying slowly but surely.  Maybe one day, I will get the hang of it. 

I wish I would have been more brave with my first one to try it.

I had a friend pass on 4 Bum Genius all in one cloth diapers and use them with my son randomly.

I just do not know where to begin but have read some great sites and blogs with tons of information.  My goal is to keep researching cloth diapering and make it happen for my second baby! Here is where I have gotten a lot of help and entered some giveaways to hopefully win and try out some great cloth diapers.

Diapers29.com– she has some great information and giveaways going on right now.

Dirty Diaper Laundry-love the giveaways and her info.  I just won a giveaway from here and am so excited to try the real nappies diaper!  YEAH!

Confession of a First Time Mom-She has some great giveaways, funny posts, and info.

The Cloth Diaper Blog– Giveaways every Friday!

Eco-Friendly and Frugal– I ordered some really cute wipes from her and am hoping to get more when I save up.  Here is her shop. I love supporting etsy shops!

Home Grown Families-Is having a Cover the Booty giveaway event June 1-30th.  I hope I can win some!  Go check it out and win!
Home Grown Families

The Cloth Diaper Report– has great giveaways and info. too.

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer-Has great articles and giveaways too.

I really want to do this and hope I can.  Next, on the list host giveaways for cloth diapers so I can try them and you can too.  Okay, I am getting ahead of myself.

Here are some great sites to buy  cloth diapers from:

So far I have purchased a few from:

Kelly’s Closet and Diaper Junction because they have had some great deals.  You can also earn points through your purchases to use towards diapers.

Euphoria Baby has a great selection.

I have heard great things about Green Mountain Diapers and Motherease too.

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