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P is for Pirate

We had P week this week and had lots of fun with Pirates and searching for treasure.  We also did a lot of Pirate activities from 2 Teaching Mommies too!

We found the treasure and dressed up.

We went to see one of our favorite books come to life, How I Became A Pirate at the Derby Dinner Playhouse.  We could not take pictures at the play, but we got one by the poster!  Thanks to a great friend, Donna Lyerly for sending us this book!  It has been a wonderful treasure!

How I became a pirate [Book]

The acting and music were great.  My boy absolutely loved it!



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Winter “School” Days

Winter Fun

I have been lacking in my posts due to the holidays and such.  But this is what we have been up to the past couple of months with school.  We have been working on our letters and have really enjoyed a new site with great lesson plans called www.abcjesuslovesme.com.

Kinley has been starting some Tot School activities and doing some busy work:).  Here is one of her favorites.  Pushing pom pom balls through circles in a tupperware bowl or putting them on her head. 

Here is one we found on Pinterest: Pipe cleaners in a colander.

Eli has been working on his letters and numbers.  We have also been doing some fun winter crafts and art.

We had a caterpillar theme one week and here are some fun crafts he did.

Fingerprint Caterpillars


Toliet Paper Roll Caterpillar

 Thanks to my parents for keeping this wonderful Bed Bugs game all these years.  It helps us work on fine motor skills and colors.  Eli loves it!

Bed Bugs

We played in the flour (snow) and made letters and shapes.   We also did a little face painting.

Flour on your Face

He had fun making these simple marshmallow toothpick sculptures.

We have really starting working on using scissors and cutting too. I forget that it is the little things that I have to teach him too. I love when they stick out their tongue our open their mouth. It shows how hard they are working to use the sisscors.

I have been working with Eli on good behavior and earning smiles on his Melissa and Doug Responsibility chart. This week we went to the dollar store, and I gave him a dollar to choose whatever he wanted.  He chose glitter glue to make some fun pictures.

Glitter Glue Creation

I was washing the dishes one day and realized there was silence.  I ran to find the kids sitting in our room doing this:

Brother & Sister

These are the moments I treasure and I know they will too!:)

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